Hi there, I’m Hayley and I want to personally welcome you to Creative Roots.  I’m so happy you’re here!  Creative Roots is a blog to inspire creativity and help you develop the skills you need to up your design game.  You don’t need a degree in art or fancy software to be a good designer, so I’m here to help you plant your roots in a solid foundation of design theory, history and best practices.


Creative Roots provides creative assets that will help you build your brand identity and create lasting impressions.  In addition to downloadable creative assets, you will also find strategy for planning, developing your brand identity, SEO, social media and more!  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and ask – I want to know how I can best help you.  And, chances are, if you have a question, somebody else has it too, so you’ll be helping out the community.

Again, welcome to Creative Roots and I hope these resources help your brand blossom!

Now, a little about myself.  I have a passion for both nature and design, thus Creative Roots.  I’m from Southern California and spend much of my free time on the beach or hiking through the hills.  I believe we can draw inspiration for art from anywhere, but nature and wildlife have a unique way of striking a chord that can change the way you look at something.

Here’s my fun fact: I’ve seen over 120 bands in concert, and would love to talk about music with you – who are your favorite artists? What’s the best show you’ve seen?


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